The Children's Playhouse             Pre-School

A little gem in your own neighborhood


What Parents Say About The Children’s Playhouse.....

"We have been thoroughly impressed to see our son's growth during this short time at The Children’s Playhouse.  His teachers have nurtured his love of learning. They helped to lay a solid foundation of beginning reading skills.......Bianca Mulqueen 


"The program has exceeded my expectations  The teachers are amazing, educated and kind". .......Christina Grasso 


"Michael surprises me with how much he is learning and retaining. His vocabulary is growing nicely. He has gained a tremendous amount of confidence. ……K. Napoli


"This has truly been an amazing experience for our daughter.  We watched her burst out of her shell.  The teachers are loving, kind and sensitive to the needs of their students.......Meisha McKnight

"The Playhouse has surpassed my expectations. I’m amazed at the teachers’ abilities to pack so much into the curriculum and still maintain a high quality program. …..JoVeda Jones

"Dillon has grown so much since starting there. He loves his days at The Playhouse." .........Elizabeth Cooke

"We are so happy with the program. It is such a nice mix of playing and learning. Eliza is already aware of the sounds of letters and how they make words" ......... Raissa Fitzgerald

"As a special education teacher, I had the privilege of assisting a special needs child at the summer program at The Children's Playhouse. I have assisted many other children at many other schools and never before have I met such caring staff. They have a way of making each and every child feel special and loved......Adrienne Robek, M.A.


.The Playhouse has been an amazing experience for Julia.  We can't believe how much she has learned.  It's great that she gets fresh air, learns about gardening and eats healthy food there.  We just can't say enough good things about The Playhouse…....L. D. Matteo 


The behavior difference before and after being enrolled is definitely noticeable.  I work in a pediatric setting and I'm very happy to see how she's grown in a relatively short time..…. .Michelle Li 



 Our expecations have been exceeded.  Shawn reads things all on his own.  We have been amazed and delighted when he comes home educating us on animals, nature and personal hygiene.……JanMarie R. Brown


 Thank you for all that you do! ……… The Wongs


 We appreciate and adore all of you. Thank you for being August's first impression of school. We could not have asked for more. We appreciate the care, guidance, love, and fun you gave to August.......Kristine Grisonde


"my one regret....not finding The Children's Playhouse sooner. You truly have the best kept secret in Yonkers." ......Gina Allison