The Children's Playhouse
Pre-School and STEAM Program 

"A little gem in your own neighborhood."


Covid-19 Protective Measures
Both our Preschool and STEAM programs
are designed to provide an environment 
where the health of our children and staff are our number one priority.
We are grateful for the understanding and cooperation of our parents in
these challenging times.
We look forward to the day when this page can be eliminated from our website. 
Our staff will be wearing masks as will our STEAM students.
Masks will be optional for our three year old preschool students.
Children under three will not be wearing masks.
Each child will have her/his temperature taken at the door
and will not be admitted if there is an elevated temperature. 
Children will not be admitted if a family member has been diagnosed with Covid-19.
Social distancing will be observed thruout the day.
Hand washing will be practiced often throughout the day.
Disinfecting of materials, furniture and commonly touched areas
will be employed thruout the day.

 All families will be expected to report any change in the health
of family members or any exposure to anyone having Covid-19
or suspected of having Covid-19. 
Children will be monitored closely for any signs of illness.
They will be sent home if they have a cold, rash, diarrhea
or any sign of illness. 

If a child has allergies, they will be required
to have a physician's note stating the allergy. 

 Parents must assure The Playhouse that their child can be
promptly picked up if The Playhouse observes any signs of illness.