Daily Schedule

In a typical day at “The Playhouse,” children are engaged in Circle Time, Free Play, Art, Music and Movement, Story Time, Learning Time and Outdoor Play (weather permitting). In addition, children enjoy nature walks, science, math, puppetry, poetry, cooking, drama, and become familiar with composers of classical music. Children are introduced to the phonetic basis of reading through our Organic Approach to Reading(c), program developed by our Director, Dr. Diana Rothenberg, EdDHandwriting skills are also developed through sequential activities.

Healthy Eating

Healthy homemade lunches are enjoyed each day, and nutritious snacks are served twice dailyThe food we serve is nitrate-free with no high fructose corn syrup [HFCS]Many of our fruits and vegetables are organic and all of our milk is organic as well. Our water is filtered and we only serve juice once daily.

Special Events:


Fall and Spring Fun Fair

Fall and Spring Fun Fair is held each year. All the children and parents gather together at The Playhouse for a memorable experience that includes many fun activities for the children to enjoy.

Picture Day

Each child is photographed by a professional photographer annually. Parents have the opportunity to purchase beautiful group and/or individual photos of the highest quality. Siblings may also be included in our photo shoot.


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Activites for our 2-4 years old Group
Circle Time,  Free Play in Centers, Art, Music, Movement, Story Time, Drama, Puppetry , Poetry, Outdoor Play, Nature Walks, Science, Cooking , “Creative Relaxation”,(Meditation).  


Reading and Writing Skills:

The Organic Approach to Reading [OAR] developed by our Director, introduces the sounds of words through games and develops the skill of blending sounds into words. The Organic Approach to Writing is an introduction to letter formation through sequential steps.  


Introduction to Mathematics

   Number concepts are introduced through games and manipulative toys.



Our teachers incorporate Science, Art, and Math projects with our children to establish connections within these areas. 



   Children become familiar with composers of classical music


   Our teachers upload photos of your child’s daily activities on HiMama which is accessible to the parents.


Activities for our Infant-Toddler Group

   Our infants and toddlers interact with materials that promote gross and fine motor development and coordination, receptive and expressive language, curiosity and socialization.  Both classical music and appropriate children’s songs are enjoyed.


   Parents may choose 2, 3 or 5 days per week.  

   Half Days: 9AM-12PM [lunchtime included]   

   Full Days: 9AM-3PM [2 snacks & lunch]

   Extended Days: 8AM-5:30PM [Additional hours available upon request]



 A SPRING FUN FAIR is held each year when all the children gather with their families at The Playhouse for a memorable experience that includes many activities for the children to enjoy.  

Children’s birthdays are joyfully celebrated with special cupcakes made by them. 

Our HOLIDAY SING-ALONG and MOVING-UP DAY are annual events enjoyed by the Playhouse Community. 

MOVING-UP-DAY is celebrated each June.  All children receive a HAPPY ROAD AWARD and children that have mastered beginning reading skills receive a BEGINNING READER AWARD.