What Playhouse Parents say….

The Playhouse is exactly what we were looking for – a loving, child friendly nurturing environment that fosters learning through exploration and age-appropriate play.  The love and individualized attention the teachers give each child is evident in my little girl’s emotional and cognitive development.  Most importantly, she loves her teachers and looks forward to spending her day with friends – naming each and every one on her way to school every day.  Thank you for making my little girls preschool experience a positive one.  – T. Lunat

This has truly been an amazing experience for our daughter.  We watched her explore and burst out of her shell.  She has come into her own and has built on her amazingly loving , kind and warm personality.  The playhouse gave her the chance to be a kid, make friends with little ones and big ones too.  I love the setting as well. – C. McKnight

Tom and I would like to thank you for the wonderful three years that MeiLi has had at the Playhouse.  It is such a special place – most especially because of the love and care provided by your staff, under your leadership.  We could not imagine a better place for MeiLi to have spent her early years [beside at home!]  She heads off to kindergarten so well prepared! – E. & T. Socol

The Playhouse has surpassed our expectation.  We saw our little girl blossom day by day.  We saw how she became more vocal, started speaking in clear sentences, she’s able to say her numbers, letters, colors, etc.  She does yoga and so many more things.  We are so happy we found this school. – S. Rosa

We are very happy with the level of care Thomas is receiving.  He comes home happy and is excited to go see his friends and teachers.  Love the HiMama app as well! – J.  LaBarbera

The teacher to children ratio is phenomenal and I am confident is what fostered the learning environment.  Brandon teaches us about the new things he learns like how groundhogs hibernate.  He also loves teaching us matching and letter phonetics. – E. Tuazon

We are very pleased with Mia’s progress.  She learned so much both academically and socially. We like the close family environment that the Playhouse provides. – W. Rosario

As it was Gianna’s first year, The Playhouse made her feel so welcome and comfortable.  Every day she was greeted with open arms and a friendly smile.  The Playhouse has the perfect balance of learning, creative art and outdoor playtime. – E. Gottfried

The Playhouse has exceeded my expectations in providing a nurturing environment for my son to grow socially, emotionally, and intellectually.  Would recommend to any parent that wants the BEST for their child. – F. Haran

The Playhouse has been a positive learning/growing experience for my child.  She has made steady progress throughout the school year.  The teachers are outstanding!  They take the time to get to know each and every child and go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure each child’s needs are met.  The Playhouse staff has also been very good about learning about my child’s special needs and modifying the curriculum to include her in all activities.  This is truly a special place! – T. Luna

Thank you for all you do for Gia.  She is so happy at The Playhouse, and that means the world to us.  We can’t wait for Harrison to be part of such a great group. – J. and B. Stern

Liam has learned a lot at The Playhouse.  Interacting, sharing, discipline and his speech has improved a lot.  He surprises us every day with new things and what he he learned. –  S. Di Alwis

The vocabulary lessons, preparing Bella to read and recognize words really gives her an advantage going into Pre-K. – D. Rivera

Not only have her teachers been wonderful, they have been role models and friends.  They are patient and loving.  That makes such a difference. – M. E. Schmidt

Our expectations have been exceeded.  Shawn reads things on the TV or in a book all on his own.  We have been amazed and delighted when he comes home educating us on animals, nature and personal hygiene. – J. Brown

Michael has adjusted well to the structured environment.  He surprises me often with how much he is learning and retaining.  His vocabulary is growing nicely and he has gained a tremendous amount of confidence when entering new environments and situations.  The best part of his personality is flourishing, and he is excited to see his teachers and friends every day. – K. Napoli

I really want to thank all of you for the wonderful job you did with Joey.  Thanks to your nurturing, loving and very caring environment he was definitely ready for “big boy” school.  Joey learned a great deal with you.  He has started to read and is ahead of the other kids in his class.  I just want to commend all of you for a well-rounded program, [the artwork was also excellent!] and for the way Joey has developed.  Thanks again! – L. & J. Monroig

We have been thoroughly impressed to see our son’s growth during his short time with The Children’s Playhouse.  He has grown socially, and his teachers have nurtured his love of learning.  He is always excited to share a new song he has learned or one of his many thoughtful and beautiful art projects.  The teachers have greeted my son every morning with a warm smile and have helped to lay a solid foundation for beginning reading skills.  We are certain he is more than well-prepared for Pre-K. – B. Mulgreen

We must also thank you for the great loving care that Shawn is receiving while at The Children’s Playhouse.  Not a day goes by that he does not tell us what he did with his classmates and the teachers [all by name].  He wakes up asking for school now…it is always a great heartfelt relief when you can leave your child in the hands of people you an trust will love and care for your child.  Thank you for everything!!!!!!!!! – J. and S. Brown

As the semester is coming to an end and the holidays are approaching, we would like to take a moment to thank you for what you and your team have done for Aleister.  All our expectations we as parents have wanted from a pre-school have been exceeded.  Aleister responds well in social settings, observing others around him and adapting his attention to what is presented to him.  He reminds us to wash hands and sneeze into our elbows and he wants to dress and undress on his own. His verbal communication has really blossomed.  Aleister often repeats lines from the books he reads with you at school, most of them I don’t know, but I like listening to his version.  Aleister has also started to play sharing games very well with us, such as tossing a ball and taking turns playing a recorder.  He goes out of his way to find an interesting toy to trade with his sister if he wants the toy she is playing with.  Those social skills are invaluable for his success in his future performance at kindergarten and elementary school. Aleister can read 3 letter words, not on demand, but when he wants to.  This is fantastic.  He has broken “the code” you always talk about and he has a good base for when he is ready to start reading full words and sentences. These are only some of the many developments we have noticed; there are many more.  Thank you for your efforts, your expertise, your patience and your energy. Thank you also for his challenging moments, guiding his behavior and working with us parents to solve them.  You are a wonderful team and we can’t thank you enough. – S. & J. Worley