History and Philosophy


The Children’s Playhouse, established in 1984, was developed to provide an atmosphere of emotional security and intellectual challenge. Young children are like sponges, soaking up more information faster than at any other time of life. The neurological basis for all feeling and learning is established during a child’s first four years. During this time we have a unique opportunity to create the foundation for all future learning. The most important elements to a solid foundation are emotional security and self-confidence. Children who feel good about themselves can learn anything.

At The Playhouse we value each child’s unique contribution. An abundant variety of opportunities are provided for creative play and for mental and physical challenges which lead to success and growth. 

Children are acknowledged for such traits as generosity, kindness, patience, honesty, empathy, curiosity and creativity.  Full respect is given to each child’s unique nature.

The mixed-age setting of the Playhouse provides opportunities for all the children to learn, mature and appreciate each other.  

In addition to our holistic philosophy, we consider ourselves a “Green Preschool,” and follow environmentally friendly practices in maintaining and implementing our program.  

The Playhouse staff supports this vision through a wide range of activities that promote a strong foundation.  The dream to create a society of happy people that work well together starts early, and we at The Playhouse, strive each day to help make that dream a reality.