The Children’s Playhouse curriculum features:

 Love of Learning – The Playhouse offers a loving home-like environment that is supportive and conducive for playing and learning.

Music – Children are introduced to classical and uplifting music which supports their growth.

Rich and Fun Curriculum – Children of all ages grasp skills and knowledge better through fun and play. The Playhouse philosophy ensures an environment that is nurturing and fun-loving.

Meditation – Each morning children are introduced to meditation through an experience we call “The Love Tree”.   This meditation session of peace and silence settles the group and prepares them for the day.

Outdoor Play – Our fenced-in outdoor playground features a huge grassy area for running and games; a swing/slide/climber; pavement for tricycles and push toys, an outdoor playhouse for imaginative play, picnic tables for snacks, an area for growing veggies and flowers for The Playhouse. We also have sand and water tables and sprinklers for the hot summer days.

Curriculum Highlights

In a typical day at “The Playhouse,” children are engaged in Circle Time, Free Play in Centers, Art, Sensory, Music and Movement, Story-Time, Meditation, Learning Time and Outdoor Play.  In addition, children enjoy nature walks.

We also offer activities in puppetry, poetry, cooking and drama.

To establish their analytical and logical minds, many approaches are taken to incorporate Science and Math. Number concepts are introduced through games and with manipulative toys (blocks, abacus, etc.).

Children are introduced to the phonetic basis of reading through our Organic Approach to Reading(c), program developed by the Playhouse Co-Director, Dr. Diana Rothenberg, EdD.  The Organic Approach to Reading [OAR] introduces the sounds of words through games and develops the skill of blending sounds into words. The Organic Approach to Writing is an introduction to letter and number formation through sequential steps.

Special Events 

Fall and Spring Fun Fair
A Fall and Spring Fun Fair is held each year.  All the children and parents gather at The Playhouse for a memorable experience that includes many fun activities for the children to enjoy.

Children’s birthdays are joyfully celebrated with special cupcakes baked in school by the children.  Children also make cards for their parents’ birthdays.

Holiday Sing Along
Children and families join to celebrate the holidays and the upcoming New Year.

Moving Up Day
Moving-Up Day is celebrated each June.  All children receive a “Happy Road” Award and children that have mastered beginning reading skills receive a Beginning Reader Award.